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Any reason is a good reason to place an order. We provide an affordable and reliable essay writing service to students in need. Whether you just want to party, need more time to cram for exams, can’t pass a class to save your life, or are feeling kinda lazy, the Team has you covered!


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We help students all over the world get their academic assignments done. Regardless of the reason, we’re here to complete the shit you don’t want to do and it gets done when you need it. Your order is something we take seriously and your satisfaction is our guarantee. As a company, you can depend on us.

We’re professional, but we’re not going to sugar coat what we do. Our job is to help you pass your classes and the unfortunate fact is that some people hate on us. They can suck it. This is our livelihood and we help students get their shit done when they need it. Late assignments are never an issue because we take deadlines seriously. We understand that your success in the real world is dependent on your success in school. With classes, a social life, work, and other aspects of life getting in the way of completing academic assignments, we know that there are times students just need a break from the bullshit. And that’s what we base our business on. We’ll give you the break you need from the bullshit, even if that means taking on a whole mess of bullshit for the entire duration of your academic experience.

Calculating the cost of your assignment is ridiculously easy. The automatic pricing calculator on our home page allows you to calculate it. Our prices are reasonable and the more time you give us to complete your assignment, the more affordable it becomes. To get our level of reliability at these prices is a steal. Seriously, we should really raise our prices but we won’t.

Not a chance in hell. We always make sure that we’re sending out 100% custom essays, research papers, etc. Everything we write is original and we check for plagiarism. While we don’t guarantee grades on our work, we still offer revisions if we screw up (we’re human and while errors on our end are rare, there’s a slim chance). Honestly, our clients send us the wrong instructions more than we screw up so as long as you send us the right instructions (and don’t leave anything out), you’ll be fine. Everything we do is checked over by our plagiarism detection software prior to being sent our. And no, we don’t use plagiarism detection that is going to store your essay in a database, such as We’re pretty smart about the shit we do and that would be dumb.

Your friends use the shit out of our services too. And if they don’t, they will. We’ve been in business for quite some time now and there is no way in hell we’d still be around if we weren’t worth of your trust. We’re the academic writing professionals you can relate to too. We’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and worn it so long that it’s the most comfortable shirt we own. We also want you to refer your friends to our site, so we’ll make sure your shit is done right. That rhymed so it is automatically something you’ll have to trust.
This really depends on how many pages/words your assignment calls for. When you’re ordering a paper, keep in mind that our pricing is for 12pt Times New Roman font and double-spacing. So you’ll receive around 300-335 words per page. With the pricing calculator, you’ll find out the precise price of your paper depending on how many pages you need. If your paper requires single-spacing, double the number of pages you order and let us know to send it out as a single-spaced paper!
You know how it’s said that there’s no such thing as a stupid question? That’s bullshit. This is a stupid question. Obviously, it all depends on what you’re using the finished product for. While our finished products are meant to provide skeletons of what your academic assignments are supposed to look like, the fact of the matter is that if you’re turning this shit in as your own work, you’re cheating. That’s o.k. We’re not the plagiarism police. We don’t know and don’t give a shit what you’re using these completed assignments for. All we know is that we’ve never had a student get in trouble doing whatever they do with their finished products.
The service we provide is confidential so no one’s going to find out you are using us. For real? For real. But can you tell your friends Please? Haha. The only people we want knowing you use our service are your friends. So spread the word like Skippy’s (peanut butter)! Your friends will thank the shit out of you.
You choose the deadline for your order. We complete assignments in as little as 24 hours. Unless it’s something ridiculous (like a 50-page dissertation paper needed in 24 hours), we’ll get it done.

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