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Why Use Paper Editing Services?

Attending a high school, college, or university means every point counts. And with Paper Editing Services, you’re more likely to get higher grades. You might wonder why this is so. Well, grammar is majorly important to teachers and professors. With that, let’s go over the mistakes that are caught when putting a paper through Paper Editing Services.

Sentence Fragments

These are the most common errors caught when Editing a Paper. All Services such as ours catch these and if you don’t catch them, you will lose points. These are Incomplete Sentences. And with that, you’re lacking an independent clause. Fragmented sentences are sentences that are missing something. Whether it is a complete verb, a subject, or both, you need something added to the sentence.
Example: Wrong – He gifted his father a car for his birthday. Even though they fight.
Example: Right – Despite the constant fighting, he gifted his father a car.

Missing Comma Following Introductory Element

Commas are utilized following an introductory phrase, clause, or word. With that, the reader notices the slight pause following the introductory element. And this assists in avoiding any confusion.
Example: Wrong – Just in case I will put my blinker on to avoid an accident.
Example: Right – Just in case, I will put my blinker on to avoid an accident.

Subject-Verb Agreement Errors

With a subject and verb in a sentence, they have to match a plural or singular counterpart. When the subject of the sentence is singular, the verb must match; and if the subject is plural, the verb will match as well.
Example: Wrong – The most important thing I learned in school have been grammar.
Example: Right – The most important thing I learned in school has been grammar.

Lacking Commas in Compound Sentences

The job of a comma is to separate at least two independent clauses within a compound sentence. With that, the comma follows the first clause, coming prior to the conjunction that separates them.
Example: Wrong – That woman walked down the street and she turned down an alley.
Example: Right – That woman walked down the street, and she turned down an alley.

Misusing The Apostrophe In “Its”

Using an apostrophe is done when the meaning of the word is either “it is” or “it has.” And if the apostrophe is not there, “its” shows possession.
Example: Wrong – Its not Monday.
Example: Right – It’s (It is) not Monday.
Example: Wrong – The dog is scratching it’s ear.
Example: Right – The dog is scratching its ear.

Using The Wrong Word

Paper Editing Services see wrong word usage from a mile away. Common word misuse or confusion is easy to spot when you’re looking for them. And this can alter what a sentence means. Or it can make a writer seem rather careless. With that, there are many words that you might confuse. So if you’re doubting your use, check or contact one of the Paper Editing Services to look it over.
Example: Wrong – His excepting of her generosity was surprising.
Example: Right – His accepting of her generosity was surprising.

Vague Pronoun Reference

You can replace a noun with a pronoun. And the antecedent you use can be the place, person, or thing that the pronoun is referring to. With that, vague pronoun references can add confusion regarding what the pronoun references. Also, these words include that, this, it, and which.
Example: Wrong – After Sarah found her cat, she was very excited. (Who? Sarah or her cat?)
Example: Right – Sarah was excited when she found her cat.

Lack Of Parallel Structure

Faulty parallel structuring is the result of two or more components of a sentence being similar. With that, these similarities are found in their meaning rather than their grammatical similarity. And this usually happens when there are paired constructions as well as items found throughout the sentences.
Example: Wrong – She wanted to take classes in math, scientist, sculptor, and artist.
Example: Right – She wanted to take classes in math, science, sculpting, and art.

Superfluous Commas

Commas are sometimes thrown around like nothing. But Paper Editing Services catch the erroneous commas and take them out. And there are many examples of this type of problem of course.
Example: Wrong – He didn’t want to go to the restaurant, because he didn’t enjoy sitting in their hard seats.
Example: Right – He didn’t want to go to the restaurant because he didn’t enjoy sitting in their hard seats.

Run-On Sentences

And then there are run-on sentences. These are the times in which a person connects two main clauses without the proper punctuation.
Example: Wrong – He worked day and night his boss didn’t care.
Example: Right – He worked day and night, but his boss didn’t care.

Colon Mistakes

Using a colon following a complete sentence allows you to incorporate a word, phrase, quotation, list, or clause. With that, the colon shows that anything following it provides proof or an explanation for the sentence before it.
Example: Wrong – People enjoy Texas because of: the barbeque and the hot weather.
Example: Right – People enjoy Texas because of two reasonings: the barbeque and the hot weather.

Comma Splice

The grammar police always notice comma splices. And it’s something Paper Editing Services constantly find in research papers. Comma splices happen when there are two separate sentences put together using a comma instead of a semicolon or period. You’ll typically see this when a writer uses a transitional word. With that, these words include “therefore,” “moreover,” “furthermore,” “however,” and “nevertheless.”
Example: Wrong – I planned to take her to the movies, however, she was tired.
Example: Right – I planned to take her to the movies; however, she was tired.

Split Infinitives

Paper Editing Services always catch these grammar violators. Infinitives are when a verb is paired with the word “to.” With that, a split infinitive acts as a divider between “to” and the verb. And this is usually an adverb. Split infinitives are not prohibited by grammar rules. But they are not something professors like. With this being known, you’ll want to use them at your own discretion. If it sounds awkward, Paper Editing Services will exclude them.
Example: Wrong – He tried to quickly complete his meal before his show.
Example: Right – He tried to complete his meal quickly before his show.

Sentence Sprawl

Equally weighted phrases create a sentence sprawl. And Paper Editing Services catch and fix this problem with ease.
Example: Wrong – Julie was going to her friend’s baby shower on January 7, but spur of the moment she had to go to help her mother with something, so she had to skip the baby shower, and she was very sad over it.
Example: Right – Unexpectedly Julie had to go help her mother with something and couldn’t go to her friend’s January 7 baby shower. She was very sad about having to skip it.

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