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    1. Place an Order

    Placing an order through Writing4Less.com is super easy to do. Make sure to include all of the instructions for your academic writing assignment. The more in-depth your instructions are, the better your finished product will come out!

    Include the email address you want your finished product sent to once it is finished.

    Check that you ordered your paper with plenty of time to check over the work once you receive it.

    Smile because you’ve just placed an order with a reliable academic writing service and your assignment is going to get done by or before you need it.

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    2. Make a Payment

    Paying for your assignment in full initiates the countdown. Your assignment will be completed within the amount of time you need it in based on when the order is paid for in full.

    By paying for the assignment upon placing your order, you will not have to worry about coming back to Writing4Less.com to make a payment.

    Once the full payment is made, we are able to start working on your order.

    If your assignment is done improperly as a result of an error on our end, we will edit it or, if need be, issue you a full refund.

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    3. Order in Progress

    When your order is in progress, this means we are in the process of completing your order to your specifications. While it may take some time to complete your academic writing assignment, we will contact you if we do not think we can get it done in the amount of time you have given us. If we cannot complete the academic writing assignment in the amount of time allotted, we will cancel your order and grant you a full refund.

    If we have any questions/concerns regarding your order, we will contact you via the email you have provided or by texting you using the phone number you have included.

    There are times that more information is needed to complete an assignment so make sure you can be reached using the information you provided us with.

    Quality academic writing takes time so be patient!

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    04. Download Your Paper

    Once your paper is completed, we will email it to you via the email address you have provided us. After you receive and download your paper, make sure to check it for errors! We are human and there are times that errors can slip through the cracks, but if you point them out to us, we will edit our errors and make it right!

    We send the finished product to the email you included in your order.

    If you do not see your finished product in your inbox, check your spam folder!

    Emails can get lost in cyber space at times so if you need us to send your finished product out again, just let us know!

    Check over the finished product to ensure it has been done to your specifications.

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