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Here we have some of the questions our customers ask the most. This is why our customers love our academic writing service. We bring custom college paper writing to students across the United States and have assisted thousands of students with their custom research papers, essays, term papers, & more… 4 less! If you have any other questions about our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Writing 4 Less utilizes some serious knowledge of the English language and combines it with fantastic prices to ensure you get the custom experience you deserve! We know how important education is and with degrees becoming more important than ever, we understand that your success in the real world is dependent on your success in school. With classes, a social life, work, and other aspects of life getting in the way of completing academic assignments, we know that there are times students just need a break. We make sure to meet deadlines and offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to put your mind at ease!
To help you with calculating the cost of your academic assignment, we have incorporated an automatic pricing calculator on our home page. This is going to help get you a good estimate regarding how much it is going to cost to have your paper done within the allotted time. These costs are calculated based on when you need your paper, the number of pages, and the academic level you are currently at. Our pricing policy is super adjustable so you’ll have no trouble finding the price that suits you! While our prices may exceed some other academic writing services, we do have to warn you that using a cheaper site could result in you getting a paper that is not written with the same quality as an essay from Other websites typically use foreign writers that are not native English speakers, making it so you may be spending your hard earned dollars on a bogus paper written by a non-native speaker. Other sites will reuse papers, causing plagiarism flags that can put a real damper on your academic career! Online databases are not uncommon with other companies and with that being known, we understand that you cannot afford to have a sub-par writing assignment delivered even if it means saving you a couple bucks.
When we do term papers (or any other paper for that matter), we make sure that we are writing 100% custom essays, research papers, and more for our clients. Everything we write is original and we even check it over for plagiarism. While we do not guarantee grades on our work, we do offer revisions if we mess up. Everything we do is checked over by our plagiarism detection software to ensure quality writing is being sent to all of our clients. We also make sure to avoid using plagiarism detection that is going to store your essay in a database (such as to make it so the work has never been turned in prior to you receiving it!
Well, if you found our site there is a good chance that your friends are using us too! Also, at, we are academic writing professionals that offer only the highest quality academic essays, research papers, and other academic assignments. Over time, we have managed to establish relationships with students across the country and with our Satisfaction Guarantee, we are willing to jump through hoops to ensure you are so satisfied with our work that you will refer your friends (and you’ll even make some money in the process!)! Our quality control is practically impenetrable and we ensure that every one of our clients is a satisfied and returning client for years to come. When getting academic writing done, it is important to establish a company-client relationship. Without this relationship, we would not exist! We combine our dedication to you, our beloved customers, with our writers’ extraordinary knowledge of the English language to maintain your confidence in our ability to get your academic writing assignments completed when and how you need them while maintaining your confidentiality!
This really depends on how many pages/words your assignment calls for. When you are ordering a paper, keeping in mind that these pages use 12pt Times New Roman font and double-spacing, meaning you will receive around 325 words per page. With the pricing calculator, you should be able to find out the precise price of your paper depending on how many pages you need. If your paper requires single-spacing, double the number of pages you order and we’ll make sure to deliver it single-spaced!
This all depends on what you are using the finished product for. Our finished products are meant to provide skeletons of what your academic assignments are supposed to look like. With our writers having been or even being students themselves, you’re going to have the chance to learn a lot by ordering a custom written paper from our service. The papers we write are meant to be used as models for your own writing. This is an online essay service that brings you custom tailored papers according to what you need! We’re here to help you with 100% original plagiarism-free essays and research papers.
Our academic writing service is totally confidential, meaning no one is going to find out you are using us. While you do have to give us a bit of personal information to allow us to contact you, this information is solely used to contact you if we need more information regarding your order. We make sure to never disclose your information to anyone and although this information is vital to getting your order completed, your privacy is our priority!
You choose the deadline for your academic writing assignment. There are times that it is literally impossible to get an assignment done in time, but even if that is the case, we make sure to cancel the order and issue a return in a timely manner. Please understand that the deadline is for the first draft of your final product. If you need a revision, this may take a bit more time. Please make sure you understand this!

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